The Blueprint to Make Money in Small Business
Seven Pillars to Profit is a blueprint on how to work on the right things and make your business more successful than you ever dreamed. The Seven Pillars to Profit Blueprint will get you to the tipping point. The tipping point is the moment where things become so comfortable and easy that what once was considered work is an abundance of opportunity. Some might say that legendary entrepreneur Elon Musk with 13 billion in net worth and the founder of Tesla, Paypal, and SpaceX works hard. I believe they have an abundance of opportunity and they not worked in a very long time.

The tipping point is what Michael Gerber describes in his book E-Myth about working on your business and not in it. You know longer worry about your business because you have put the systems in place so your business can grow without any day to day input by you. Your business becomes a machine that delivers the financial rewards, freedom and the lifestyle you deserve. This does not take genius and is not hard to do. It just takes discipline to work on the right things.

I wrote Seven Pillars to Profit because I was that guy stuck in the analog and the world went digital. I was hell bent on outworking everyone and growing my business through sheer will and determination. I would be the first to arrive at the office and the last one to leave. I pushed myself past tired to exhaustion and wore it as a badge of honor. It made me feel like I was earning my bones as an entrepreneur and worthy of success, but I was dead wrong! Discover the Seven Pillars to Profit Blueprint and stop working so hard.                                                  
I know many entrepreneurs who are working incredibly hard and sacrificing everything to make their business provide the money, lifestyle, and freedom they want. This is the reason for being in business in the first place. We are taught at a young age that hard work will be rewarded. If we just worked harder, we can be successful, but it isn’t true. Busting your hump sacrificing family time, personal time, and your finances can lead to little or nothing in return or even debt. Seven Pillars to Profit provides an easy step by step blueprint to start making more money in any business.  
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What People are Saying

“This book will put you on the high road to succeed as an entrepreneur. Incorporate these Seven Pillars to make a positive impact on your business and achieve your destiny.”

Patrick Snow

International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur


“If you have a small business, you will want to read Seven Pillars to Profit. It is easy to read and full of practical steps to make any business better.”


Matt Morris

Best-Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire


“I believe the Seven Pillars to Profit concept is a refreshing way to look at a business. It allows entrepreneurs and business owners to apply a systematic approach to improve their businesses and gain more profit.”

Robert G. Allen

Author of the mega-bestsellers Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and The One Minute Millionaire

“Finally, a book written for Main Street Businesses with a common sense approach. This book is full of actionable steps any business can take to begin seeing more profit.”        Dave VanHoose                                                                                                                                 7 Figure Speaking Empire

Marvin White is the Managing Partner at Bizprofitpro and an Accredited Business Intermediary and Business Advisor.  Marvin White holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Economics from Hampton University. In his business career he has owned and managed several businesses including: Manufacturing, Distribution, Internet and Services Companies. 
He is a bestselling author and his writings include The Ultimate Sell Your Business Faster Guide, Seven Pillars to Profit, The Art and Science of Success and over 50 published articles on the topics of Business Exit Strategies and related business topics.  
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